Nextgear Floor Plan Requirements


First and foremost to qualify for a floor plan you need to have credit. Our comprehensive lending solutions have something for every dealer regardless of size or location.

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Floor and unfloor a vehicle request or view titles and check a unit s mmr all in real time from the convenience of your smart phone.

Nextgear floor plan requirements. An independent dealer using floor plan financing can increase their buying power. We assigned our preliminary ratings to the class a 1 a 2 and b notes. At nextgear capital we offer a wide range of dealer floor planning options that support nearly any remarketed purchases.

The nextgear capital account portal offers dealer clients 24 7 access from virtually anywhere. Dealer floor planning offers many benefits. When a dealer decides to use a floor plan to improve their dealership s cash flow there are often a few items that need to be in order to complete an auto dealer finance application depending on the floor plan financing company a dealer selects they might have different requirements.

Nextgear floorplan master owner trust series 2019 1 s note issuance is an abs transaction backed by two revolving pools of receivables and related assets. A nextgear capital floor plan is distinguished by our cutting edge technology and innovative account portal. Specifically you should have a history of utilizing and repaying debt.

Supplementing working cash with a floor plan is a tried and true method to grow business. Find out how nextgear capital dealers are tackling the challenges of today s market head on by properly utilizing their lines of credit. Bad credit and hiccups on credit history aren t always deal breakers but they will likely reduce the amount for which you qualify.

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